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The Vedic astrology states that type of astrology which is depended or in other words we can also say that astrology is based on the basis of the culture of Vedic ways or manner. This has contained a vital role or part in hindu’s life .there are three types of astrology in which the first one is Hindu astrology, the second one is Vedic astrology, and the third one is Indian astrology. These astrology come from the ancient time of prediction or forecast, the Astrology of Vedic which can predict or forecast which is about any sphere of life and which are based on the planet’s position in the birth chart. The Astrology service is decided on the basis of the birth and place of the people which is experimented in all over the world.

This astrology of horoscope chart of Vedic which covers every aspect of the life of person in which the first one is health related purpose, the second one is family related purpose, the third one is love related purpose, the fourth one is marriage related purpose, the fifth one is profession related purpose, the sixth one is enemy related purpose, the seventh one is education related purpose, the eight one is lucky factor related problems, etc, and many more. To prepare the Kunali after the child birth, this is said to be a very old or in other words, we can also say that very ancient times. The Vedic astrology horoscope is the right path or way

In Vedic, the astrology traditional methods or process are much more important ,The Out her planets are not used or utilized because they are not seen through our naked eyes , In addition of this the planets which are directly related to energizing factors that are connected in the form of Yoga , ayurveda and also many other Indian metaphysical structures . Another main difference between Indian and Vedic astrology which has to do with the sense of distant stars, called Nakshatras. According to the Indian Vedic, the Astrology in India there are various types of celestial bodies as the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, etc.