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The Janampatri is claimed which is to be the graphical illustration of planets, at the time of one’s birth in a very specific system which is developed according to the ancient sagacious astrologer as Pandit. The Janampatri which is including in the form of ready supported person of birth details and it finds out pseudoscience data concerning the person or group of person and his life or life phenomena. There is once’sascendent in which the first one is Lagna, the second one is Zodiac Sign, the third one is movement and position of planets in the field of horoscope, the fourth one is adolescent, the fifth one is adult to adulthood etc.

In the country of India, it is not only the tradition of in the form of keeping and referring newborn of Kundali but it also the simplest answer of predicting or forecasting the future of a person or group or group of person, In the Janam Kundali , there is mainly used of the arrange marriage in this Patri , there is lack or less efficiency of love marriage , The arrange marriage is in fact , which are proposed and which sustained that is after referring Guna milap and also after clarifying about the Mangal Dosha of bride and groom with the help or support of the various types in which the first one is Hindu Janam Kundali matching , the second one is Janampatri Milan , the third one is Hindu Janam Kundali matching which is an integrated part of the Indian life .

In the other words, we can also define the term Janampatri is that, Janampatri create or shows the life of the person which is staring of your time and till life time is your in the end point, In the patri of Janam the person can know about the answer of these questions in which the first one is how much education in your life, the second one is how career grow in future, the third one is knowing about your travelling trip , knowing about the child problem etc.